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Questions About the Mat

How and where is the mat made?

Our mats are produced responsibly in the United States from 100% sustainable natural rubber. 

How big is the mat?

The Yoga by Numbers mat is 30" wide by 72" long, compared to most yoga mats, which are 24" wide by 68" long. This increased width and length means it is proportioned to accommodate all bodies, as well as balance aids like walkers. 

Does the YbN mat only work for home practice?

No! The YbN mat and teaching methodology help you learn how to modify cues from any teacher for your particular body and ability. That means that the mat is a teaching tool when used with our system, but continues to help you practice when you bring it to a studio or any non-YbN class. Use it at home, use it at work, use it at the gym! 

How do I take care of my YbN mat?

Because YbN mats are not coated with chemical sealants, they should be washed with gentle cleansers such as soap, white vinegar, or organic yoga mat cleaner sprays. They can be washed right in your shower: because they are made from foam rubber, they will take a few hours to dry, and they should not be left exposed to direct sunlight as it can degrade the natural rubber. It is fine to use your YbN mat outside, just don't store or hang it to dry in direct sunlight.

Why is it more expensive than mats I see in discount chains?

The price of YbN mats reflects that they are:

We believe in conscious consumption, which means purchasing items made with respect for people and planet. Our production process reflects these important values. 

Questions About the App

How much does the app cost to download?

Nothing! The app is free to download. Download it here!

What does the app contain and how is it different from the DVD and YouTube channel?

Our app contains a wide variety of lengths and styles of yoga classes, as well as meditation practices, breathing exercises, and tutorials. It enables you to track your progress, set your own savasana length, schedule classes, and access our full library of content. It differs from our DVD and YouTube channel in that it is customizable (search filter options, scheduling, etc.), and contains the most content. It also frees you from needing a DVD player or television to practice, making your YbN practice portable. 

Why is the app only for iPad?

The app is currently only available for iPad because we are a young, growing startup. We are building our company slowly but surely, while remaining committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing. As we grow we will release versions for iPhone, Android, and computer operating systems. In the meantime, you can access lots of content on our YouTube channel.

Questions About the Program

What are the legal terms of service?

You can read our full terms of service here.


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