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Yoga by Numbers has a simple mission: we make products that are good for people, good for the planet, and good for the people who produce them. We have both a yoga philosophy and also a business philosophy. Here are some of our beliefs.

Everyone Has the Right to Practice 

Our yoga philosophy is that yoga should be inclusive and accessible. We believe that many styles of yoga have evolved because there are many styles of people! Some people love their practice to focus heavily on ancient tradition and lineage; other people want their practice to feel like a physical workout. We believe these are all valid and worthy reasons to practice yoga.

Eight Limbs of Yoga: the Physical and Beyond

The practice of yoga traditionally has eight "limbs", or components. The first of these limbs is called asana, which is the physical practice, or poses. Traditionally, the physical practice was intended to prepare the student to progress through the other practices, including breath work, meditation, and a series of ethical or moral practices. At Yoga by Numbers we believe all of these practices and styles are valid and admirable, and that every person chooses the practice or practices that are right for them. We are honored to provide one method of practicing asana, breath work, and meditation that many people have told us has made the practice of yoga accessible to them for the first time.

Good Companies Must Be Good Citizens

Our business philosophy is simple. We believe that good companies must be good citizens. We don't sell the cheapest mat on the market: that's because we believe in responsible labor practices and take a strong stand against companies like Lululemon, whose founder, Chip Wilson, said at a conference he believes allowing child labor allows poor countries to pull themselves out of poverty. Well...we disagree. We also disagree with companies who market mats made with petrochemicals like PVC or EVA as eco friendly, and we are willing to come out swinging over it. We may be the size of David, but sometimes you have to call out Goliath.

Accessibility and Building Bridges to Yoga

We believe in inclusivity. We believe in inviting everyone to the table, and making sure those who need accommodations have them. We are not interested in being cool or exclusive. We believe health is for everybody.

Building a Healthy Economy

Economies are healthy when innovation is encouraged, corporations are required to behave responsibly, a middle-class exists, unemployment is low, and people are not faced with medical bills caused by toxic runoffs and chemical spills. Building a healthy economy is not as complicated as it may seem. It simply requires a commitment to sustainability in all its forms: environmental sustainability, financial sustainability, brand sustainability, and creating the kind of company culture where employees and customers can be one and the same.

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